Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Future is Less, not More

Wendell Berry has a knack for quietly, succinctly and effectively getting to the core of any subject. In the September The Progressive, Berry's article "Less Energy, More Life" takes on our dependence on fossil fuels and misguided attempts to replace fossil fuels with clean  "renewable" energy courses.

Berry sums it up neatly in one paragraph:
"We must understand that fossil fuel energy must be replaced, not just by "clean" energy, but also by less energy. The unlimited use of any energy would be destructive as unlimited economic growth or any unlimited force."
 As we have said for decades, the future is less, not more. Unlimited growth is impossible, and ultimately destructive, in a world of finite resources. The glimmering dream of a clean energy future, in which we live as we do now, is not only misguided, it leads us in the same direction we are already headed, that is over the cliff of unlimited growth.

Scientists have long wondered why, in the vastness of the Universe, we've never heard from any other "civilizations" on any of the billions of planets that must be suitable for life as we would recognize it. I've long thought that the reason we don't is because there is a finite limit to resources on any planet. Exploitative species such as ours cannot develop to the point of extra-terrestrial migration, a la Star Trek before running into resource limitation, or before destroying themselves through over exploitation of resources.
R. Crumb

Let's face it. This is it, and this is all there will ever be. We're over the edge of the energy curve
starting down the steep slope to a stable, truly renewable energy society.

Hang on tight, it's a rocky ride before it gets smoother!

Monday, August 26, 2013

U.S. Beats the Drums of War Against Syria

Pop Quiz!!

Raise your hands if you know that the United States government is planning a unilateral attack on Syria, allegedly because Syria used poison gas weapons against Al-Qaeda supported rebels.

Yes, you read that correctly, the United States is supporting Al-Qaeda.

Read it here:  U.S. moves closer to military action against Syria

and here: Syrian Rebels Tied to Al Qaeda Play Key Role in War

Read it and weep... for the dying empire.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Oiling the War Machinery

Norman Solomon makes a persuasive case for awarding Bradley Manning the Nobel peace prize in Oiling the War Machinery.
As a nation at peace becomes a fading memory, so does privacy. Commitments to idealism -- seeking real alternatives to war and upholding democratic values -- are under constant assault from the peaks of power. 
Normalizing endless war and shameless surveillance, Uncle Sam and Big Brother are no longer just close. They’re the same, with a vast global reach.

American "Democracy" is not broken. This is the way it is constructed.